Friday, November 8, 2013

6 month Cecilia (2 months ago)

 Cece turned 8 months old this week and there is no slowing her down.

This baby is the easiest going child I have had. She really goes with the flow and observes everything. She is, however, very active and into everything. As soon as we put her in the car seat, before we get her buckled, she is flipping over and trying to get out. But she doesn't cry easily. Not much bothers her. She just has places to go and people to see. The boys have learned how to get her to make a scrunchy face and they think it's so cute. 
She is a beautiful baby.

Valas and Halloween pictures

Valas is always the highlight of our October, fall, festivities. This year we went twice! These pictures are of the second time when UP treats us to admission and lunch there. Earlier in the month we went when it was warmer and we got a homeschool discount. Those picts are at the end.

How Tall this Fall? The boys keep growing!
 Zachary wanted to be photographed next to everything.

Six kids is not "so many children" but it's a cute picture anyway.

 The newest addition... THe Big slide!

 She looks terrified, but she must have liked it because she wanted to do it again.
apple launch

 Mena rode another pony!

 I guess this is one way for Xavier to find out if he has allergies

 Guess who got buried?
... and then they stuffed themselves with corn. What kind of mother..?

 Xavier is loosing them one right after the other.
 Pumpkin carving.

The parade of Saints...
We had St Philomena, St Pio, St Dominic, St Tarsisis, and Francis of Assisi

 Zachary was St Francis of Assisi
 Cece was a little flower.
 I didn't get any pictures of the games this year but here Mena's face painted. None of the boys have ever wanted their faces painted.

 Oh the bargaining and trading that went on after reaping all the candy they could..
It's all part of the experience of Halloween.

The following photos were from earlier in the month but for some reason they are at the end.

We tried our hands at dipping our own carmel apples this year. Actually it was Blaise and I doing all the work. They sure were good.

 Our Classical Conversations Campus took advantage of a discounted day for homeschoolers and rented some shelters at Valas. This was earlier in the month when it was much warmer. Admission was half off and included a train ride and an 8# pumpkin. We saw people we knew everywhere we looked. We ended up staying for the campfire at night too. So fun!

 Ducky races
 Mena REALLY enjoyed the train ride.

 Then we took a hay rack ride to the pumpkin patch.

 Mena was excited to find "a baby one"

 What  a beautiful fall this year! It seems to be lasting long enough for us to really enjoy it. Thanks be to God for all these blessings!