Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The new kitchen table!!!

Here is our new kitchen table! Can you tell I love it? :) I am so happy to own it and thank you for letting me show it off. It just came this morning and I just couldn't wait for you all to see it in person. The stools are new too.

The table is 42"wide x 70"long with two 12" leaves that store inside. We have 8 chairs to go around it. With this table and the 3 counter stools we will be able to feed lots of people in our kitchen -comfortably!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out of the old...

Yes! We moved!!! It's been busy but I am finally getting pictures up. The whole thing was a huge process so this post will be of the packing and moving. Our next post will be of our new house. Have to keep this thing complete.

The boys are ready to go...

Dominic is old enough now to be a big help. Here he is packing the spices. He even labled some of the boxes for me.
And of course they made forts with all the boxes laying around before they were used. Oh, did they make forts! Here they are showing Uncle Mike how cool it is. (Yes, he fits anywhere)
Dominic in our dining room closet.
The last two nights in our house we slept on the mattresses in the living room.
Here are Xavier and Zachary
Moving day has arrived!

We had to load all our things into one truck since we were to be homeless for 4 days.
Here are Mike (bro) Mark (cousin) and my dad fitting it in. I'm glad they like puzzles!
Staying at Grandma and Nanoo's before we could move into our new house was super fun! And I am so thankful for the wonderful break between the packing and the unpacking. I couldn't have planned it any better.
And now we are in our new house!!! Here are the boys helping Daddy put together an end table that came last week.
Stay tunned for the next post.. OUR NEW HOUSE!