Sunday, April 21, 2013


Looking at these pictures that I uploaded a couple weeks ago brings tears to my eyes. What a joy it is to have this little girl in our family! I can't even express how sweet she is. Mena always has a hug and a smile to share. She is so compassionate to anyone who is hurt and LOVES to make people laugh. She is so silly with her faces she makes and little dances she does. Sometimes I'll catch her sitting at the piano playing a song and singing too. Anyway, a couple weeks ago we went to a friends' house to visit. Their doe just had twins the night before and we got to see them when they were less than 24 hours old. They have a beautiful family with boys our boys' ages. Going to their house is so relaxing as they are so hospitable and fun. Here are some pictures from our last visit. 

So thankful for this little girl. 
Today I noticed that our wallet sized family portraits were ripped. When I asked who did it, she came over and with a sad face said, "Mena." She owned up to what she did! What an angel she is!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring is here!!

Happy Easter!!! 
A lot has happened since my last post including Christmas, Mena turning 2, a new pope and the birth of our newest member Cecilia Faustina. She was born a month ago today. 
6#14 oz and 19.5" born at 5:27pm 3-4-13

It's hard to believe it's April already. The last 4 weeks we have been recovering and adjusting. You could say it was good timing that the kids were going through a series of sicknesses while I was recovering, since we were taking the time off school anyway. Even though the welcoming of a new person is a big lesson in itself, it still looks like we will be going well into the summer with our lessons. It's a great thing about homeschooling. We can be flexible as we learn and grow together.

Spring time is such a time of new life. Now that Easter is here and the weather is warming up, it really feels like we are out of the darkness of winter. As we celebrate the new life we have in Christ, let us always remember that He is our hope and our Resurrection. 

Holy Saturday Grandma came over and we painted eggs.

 That night Tom took the four boys to the Easter Vigil. Blaise and Dominic were serving. Mass starts at 10pm with a fire outside. It's such a beautiful ceremony, rich with symbolism and full of powerful reminders of our redemption. The older boys were so excited about getting to go and be a big part of the Vigil that Xavier and Zachary went too. I took the girls in the morning. I do so love the beauty of the Vigil but when sleep is as hit and miss as it is for me with a newborn, I couldn't afford to take four hours in the middle of the night to go. Plus, there were a few preparations to be made.
When they got home, they were surprised to see that Easter came to our house too :)

My whole family came over along with, Tom's mom and Youngsoo, Fr Brancich and Ed.

 I didn't get any pictures of the egg cracking contest but Grandma (my mom) won this year with flying colors. It's the first time in anyone's recollection that she has won. So congratulations to Grandma LaGreca!! We knew you could do it :)

Let the games begin!
Blaise is seriously searching

Nanno has always hid an egg in his pocket for the youngest to find.

 Dominic and Uncle Mike were the hiders of the eggs.

We made our own Easter candles again this year. They were blessed and we marked them with the cross. They are a symbol of Christ himself being the light to the world. The flame came from the same Easter fire that was lit at Easter and burns continuously at church. We will try to keep it going at home throughout the year too.  Our "crown of thorns" on our table (a wreath with toothpicks -- the "thorns" that we removed whenever we offered something up) has been replaced with a beautiful flowering wreath. Jesus makes all things new!
"May the Light of the gloriously Risen Christ scatter the darkness of minds and hearts."

Many blessings to you this Easter!! May the light of Christ be with you throughout the year as well.