Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Update

What a busy summer this has been! Just an update on what we've been up to...

The week before Fourth of July we got a fence put up! YAY! This is turning into my dream home! One thing at a time :)

One day we went to see the flooding at Rick's Boatyard. An historical event for sure. Uncle Mike with all his nephews and Mena.

Another weekend Tom and I took the kids to Des Moines. We stayed at a Ramada with a water park and the next day visited the Science center.

Happy Feet soccer camp. One hour, one night a week, 3 boys play soccer, less than a mile from our house. Also this spring we played family baseball at a neighbor friend's backyard park where there is a diamond. This is the extent of our formal sports. The rest of the summer has been full of made up ball games in the driveway/circle and swimming in our new pool! Above ground 14ft diameter, 3700 gallon. It's a lot to take care of but it's SO nice on these hot days. On June 2nd we bought a new van. Not a mini-van --no a 12 passenger bus! When we went camping earlier this spring we were stuffed into our old minivan. The ac went out ($700 worth of repairs) and we decided to just go ahead and upgrade since we will probably need one in another couple years when number 6 comes along and we could use the space anyway. Gas mpg isn't as good but we can fit our bikes and camping gear and wagon, coolers... anything else we need to bring. Of course it's never enough space :) I miss my driver's side passenger door but other than that it will do very well. It even fits in our garage!

The many faces of 7month old Mena... She is such a happy baby! She's almost crawling and she's gotten over her refusal of baby food. She has 2 bottom teeth and is working on the top ones now.

Tom and I celebrate 10 years of marriage on Thursday! We are going to Applebees with the kids. That was where we went on our first date over 12 years ago. At the end of August, baby and I will join him for a quick trip to California for a couple nights.

Hope you are having a great summer! May God bless us in our vocations and give us the strength to do the work He has set for us, being always thankful for the joy and peace that comes with doing His will.