Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 4th weekend

What a weekend this was!
Saturday morning our neighborhood had a parade lead by the fire truck to the park where we had a cook out and blow up slip and slide for the kids. Here is Dominic doing a little decorating of the wagon for the parade.

Blaise on the slip 'n slide

That afternoon was Tom's sister's wedding. Congratulations Taylor & Justin!

That night we went to a firework show in Millard.

Kaleb was staying the night with us since his family was in town for the wedding.

Little did we know the real show would be out our front door the next night...

Jonny and Marlys
Grandma and Nanno with Zachary
Xavier and Daddy
Happy Independence Day America!!

Jim's birthday at Manawa

July 9th my parents took the boat out to Lake Manawa. It was Jim's birthday and he got to join us for a bit before he went to work. The whole thing was quite an adventure. The first time out always is :)
While the guys were trying to get the boat started, no one knew that the boat had been slowly filling up with water. So, the plug was replaced and we started bilging then we realized it needed to drain. After Dad pulled it out we waited 15 min while the boat "went potty" hahaha

The boys have a good time in the water wherever they are.

Then we had lunch on the boat and anchored and swam. but the adventure didn't end there. While visiting a cove, we ran out of gas and discovered a great place to picnic next time. These are the fun days that we will remember!