Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ski trip

It's been three years but we have finally made it back out to Colorado! We got to spend the week with my parents and brothers. All ten of us stayed in my parents' condo and enjoyed lots of together time. Unforunately, my dad twisted his knee on the first day and Mike and I had to take a sick day, but once that was out of the way it was a really great trip. We even tried some wine tasting at a local winery and enjoyed the pool and hot tub with the kids. Many memories have been logged. I just hope it doesn't have to be another 3 years before the next trip.

There is a little trail in downtown winterpark that Mom showed to the boys, Uncle Jim and me.

James and Zachary just in front of the condo. Yes... that is the view.

Mike on the top of the bowl Thursday. Nice day. Since it snowed all day Wednesday, we finally got some powder.

Dominic and Blaise. Imagine a flash forward 15 years. Watch out WinterPark!

Dominic and mommy on a lift together. We watched Blaise fall and get up again so many times. I was really impressed with how he wasn't getting frustrated, especially with how often his ski popped off. It was hard work but he didn't give up. His persistant attitude really served him well out there.

Dominic is such a hotdogger! He went up and down and up and down all morning. He loved it!

Here are the guys at the table. Mom loves having proof of her grandchildren in the condo since she enjoys the mirror prints they leave behind so much. WEIRD :) That's grandma love I guess.

Grandma with a book. What more do they need? One day mom took the boys to the library while I skied with the guys.

For some reason Tom is in none of these pictures. He took Dominic and Xavier tubing on the mountain the first full day there.

Here are a few short videos. I don't think you can view them on the e-mail so if you want to see them you may have to go to the link below.