Saturday, October 27, 2012


This week my husband stole me away to Mexico for four nights. Our first break from diapers for 10+ years. It was a great time. Our first day we took the bus up the road to a place where we could catch a ferry to Isle Mujeres where we tootled around on a golf cart we rented. Lunch was on the beach at Fenix and it was a taste of heaven. That's where we had our Corona moment. The next day we did the tour. We started out at Tulum where we saw the ruins. Edventures was wise to get us there before the crowds and the heat did. Next we got on our snorkel gear and explored a cave with our tour guide Javier. 
 Then on to the beach, where we swam with sea turtles and visited a coral reef followed by lunch and a swim in a warm lagoon where we could have spent all day. That seems like a lot for two days but it was fun and I didn't feel rushed or hurried. The ferry ride and even the bus ride, even standing at the front desk, were all moments to be enjoyed! Let alone laying on the sand gazing on the ocean! Ahhh... What a blessing this trip was!
Sea Turtles/ coral reef

Tulum ruins

Iguanas were everywhere.

Our golf cart on Isle Mujeres

The next day, Thursday, we spent at the resort. After lunch we got to help dig out some sea turtles that just hatched and that night, after the fire show on the beach, we released them into the ocean.
The view from our patio...

 Friday morning we had our last meal at Benezuzu on the resort where they treated us to a delicious seven course meal. Then home to Omaha! What a welcome we received when we got to the airport! Thank God for a safe healthy fun trip! Better watch out Tom, I  might get a little spoiled :)