Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Antonio

Last Saturday -Tuesday Tom and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary (which isn't until August) by going to San Antonio Texas! It was a really nice vacation and I highly recommend San Antonio for any couple wanting a little romantic get away. The weather couldn't have been better so I'm sure that was a big part of it too. Mena came with us and it was a trip of many firsts for her. She made a lot of friends in Texas.

It helps to have a baby on a trip. You meet so many more people that way :)

On her first plane ride she was a little startled at the weightless feeling but didn't cry. All in all, she traveled pretty well.

Saturday night we went out to Lorenzo's for one of the best Italian meals I have had. My cousin lives in San Antonio and they took us out that first night before they had to leave the next day. The food was so good. It was the real thing and we wouldn't have even known it was there. It pays to know someone local.

Sunday morning we went to Our Lady of the Atonement which is an Anglican Church that is now Catholic because of the conversion of the members in 1983. The priests are married with children.

After Mass we went to Whattaburger and then to a couple missions that afternoon. Here is the San Jose mission

Then we went swimming on our 3rd floor pool. Mena's first time swimming!

Sunday night on the river walk talking to the boys who were taken care of by my family and Tom's mom.

That night we decided to go to the Republic of Texas and I ended up with a very large margarita.

Monday morning on the riverwalk. We walked everywhere this day.

We walked to the Alamo. Here is a little replica of the battle. These figures are metal and about $60 each. We didn't get any :) What an art this is and so full of detail.

Tha Alamo

The cathedral had a space behind the altar where people could go and pray before the tabernacle.

Monday, after walking to the Alamo, the Cathedral, and La Villita, we had lunch at Mi Tierra in El Mercado then browsed the shops before catching a trolly back to the hotel.
For dinner we finished up leftovers in the hotel and then went out for an appetizer and dessert.

Tuesday we went to Mission Concepcion and Jim's diner before heading home.

San Antonio: I recommend it.