Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas preparations and the big day!

Merry Christmas! We hope you had a great one! Here are some highlights of our Christmas 2009. It has started off with a bang as a blizzard hit us right about the time everyone usually starts the festivities and it has continued for 3 days! At least we are home now. What a Christmas to remember!

Advent preparations...
Our new outdoor nativity set in front of our new house...

Here I am letting Xavier take our picture again. Will I never learn? Otherwise though, there aren't many pictures of mom with the kids. Also this day (Dec22) Zachary got his first major haircut by yours truly.

I think he likes it. He looks so grown up. He's not a baby anymore.

Catching the boys and their smiles... Dec 23

Making gingerbread cookies... Dec 24

And we got PLENTY of SNOW!!! Here is a picture taken from our backdoor. (Dec 27) Check out that drift!

Dominic is King of the Mountain!

After Christmas with Daddy !!!

Here are my little elves.

Christmas Eve we went to 5p.m. Mass at St Patrick's because we weren't sure if we would be able to get out the next day with the blizzard on it's way. Afterward we went to my parent's for dinner and the boys and I stayed for 2 nights because of the snow. Tom had to work both nights and the roads were terrible but we really made the most of it. Here is a video of Christmas Eve at my parents house. I'm glad we all exchanged presents that night so everyone could be there. What a party!!

Now the countdown to next year's Christmas begins right? :) Woohoo!